December 21, 2021

I had a lot of tech interviews for my company and client projects in the past three years. I had an interviewer role most of the time, but I was an interviewee myself too.

Interview flow

  • I ask to describe post-work experience focusing on personal responsibility and a team structure/experience. Personal responsibility is a very important aspect because most of the time, a participant describes his project in a general way or overall company/team/project things, which is not always related to that person's actual scope of responsibility.
  • It is essential to understand that due to discussing a person's experience, it is good to ask for some context for the decision and person's role in them and their opinion, why a decision was made in the first place. For example, in some cases, describing a technical and business reason for a decision shows participant understanding and could evolve into a more interesting discussion.
  • I usually hook on hard skills topics related to an experience to assert a person's level of theory and case depth usage of tools he mentions.
  • After understating the person's experience and past responsibility, I proceed with a more specific question related to a project and a job position.

Work in progress...