Prefer to use a simple and effective tool over super framework or library

Sometimes I see programmers as cats (or children) - we love to play with new shining toys.

Some toys stay in a sandbox, some stay in production code.

As leading software engineers, we are responsible for the future of project and codebase, by future I mean the ability to evolve and extend.

I do not oppose trying new stacks, frameworks, and patterns, that is great, and I love doing it by my self.

But I do not recommend spending most of the time on learning new daily framework or library just because its name is cool or one of its function is useful:)

Learn new is always great, but do not get overexciting on knowledge without applying it to the actual world.

Spend your time on solving actual problems and pet projects to master that tool you like, know, and working with, but yet not an expert.

Put it simply - focusing on mastering.

Expertise is gold

By mastering a tool, you may understand the mechanisms and logic behind this, how it works, why, what are pros and cons.

By understanding, you can apply the right tool to a specific problem.

By solving problems, you expand your expertise and context awareness.

By being an expert and knowing context - you are wanted;)

@Alex Bogovich